Supervision collectives

Perhaps the main work of the Network is to develop Critical Psychotherapy Supervision Collectives (CPSCs). CPSCs are meetings of small groups who attend first, and foremost to a practice, through starting with exploring individual cases thereafter proceeding to bring in theory and socio-political action.

We believe that we are no longer training people to hear themselves and others, especially concerning core human experiences of sexuality and aggression. Whilst this must be the core of any supervison, we feel that the socio-political aspects of lived experience are also neglected by conceptualising pathology as an individual problem or disorder, and by avoiding reflection on the multiple identities by which and through which any practitioner sees the world.

CPSC’s are antidotes to supervision spaces which ignore the murky aspects of human experience, are colonised by neoliberal discourse and organisational paralysis, or cut from the socio-political matrix from which and through which suffering is experienced.

The first CPSC already meets monthly on Saturday mornings  in London NW3 (please email us on for further details).  We welcome those who are engaged regularly in a therapeutic practice, though will only be able to offer a limited number of places. We aim to have a broad range of people involved in ‘therapeutic practice’. We also aim to develop local groups with open membership. Please email us on


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