Critical psychotherapy manifesto

One of the Network’s aims is to develop a manifesto for critical psychotherapy. We have traced out some ideas below building from the manifesto outlined in Critical Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis and Counselling:

▪We must resist threats to providing a therapeutic, confidential space. It is our ethical duty to challenge these threats, but we can only do this if we support one another.

▪The training of talking therapists must include sociology, philosophy, anthropology, the arts and political economy. It must also develop trainees skills to observe and deconstruct ideologies (including our own).

▪We must not be seduced by methodologies that simply do not fit what we do. Instead we must find new ways of providing testimonial to ourselves, our colleagues and the public.

▪We must be wary of state interventions and psychiatric nosology which threaten pluralism, and the clients right to create a therapeutic space that works for them.

▪We must be able to work with our own and others sexuality and violence.

▪We need to recognise the cult of individualism can create suffering and overshadow the common good.

▪We need to work actively around and outside the consulting room to inform and challenge public policy and discourse. Thinking about this must be part of future trainings.

We are keen to hear your opinions and reactions to this manifesto, and help us develop it. Please do email us on or comment below.


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